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Sans KringleCon - Objective 2



This challenge is pretty straight forwards and just invites us to look around the castle and get familiar with lay of the land. What is funny here, is that the objective description suggests we make our way to the courtyard. There were allot of players myself included who ran around the initial courtyard out front trying to find Tangle Coalbox. But he was actually in the inner courtyard.

From here we learn about our OSINT challenge and jump in the terminal to get started. From here we explore this little text based application or game that generates random clues, hidden in different locations around the world. We are tasked with visiting these locations and find keywords. These keywords are suggested from our interrink portal, where we have to fill in the blanks in order to define the attributes of the missing elf.

Tangle coalbox - Talks about how several elfs have gone on misdirected location and our help is needed in leveraging OSINT tools to determine the location.


Here are the provided hints from the terminal challenge with Perry! Our first hint talks about a coordinate system which takes a set of coordinates and resolves them into a geo location.This is the MGRS system.

This is a hint regarding cookies stored by the flask application and a suggestion that we can read the information of any encoded cookies through decoding techniques.

This hint points us to the KringleCon talk around OSINT techniques.


So taking a look at our terminal challenge provides us with the "where in the world is Caramel Santaigo" challenge. The introduction here suggests we have to find clues on elf's and place them in our InterRink portal From here we need to determine our destination and travel there.

So we started off in Santa's Castle with a small description and we are presented with 3 options.

Investigate: Provides us several clues to review

Visit InterRink: Brings us to the portal to enter our gathered clues.

Depart by sleigh: Move to another area with new clues.

Clicking investigate provides us with 3 clues which we can see below here.

Reviewing the "investigate 3" clue provides us the suggestion that Python was used as we see in the screenshot.

Visiting InterRink provides us with the Elf attributes we are looking to answer with our clues we find.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Making a stop in Edinburgh we proceed with out investigation.

Investigate 1

London England

Investigate 1

Investigate 2

Investigate 3


Investigate 3

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