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Sans KringleCon - Objective 3 - Terminal

Greasy GopherGuts needs our help with grepping through some nmap results and invites us to activate the terminal.

1. What port does have open? - 62078

2. What port does have open? - 8080

3. How many hosts appear "Up" in the scan? 26054

4.How many hosts have a web port open? -

grep -E "80/open|443/open|8080/open" bigscan.gnmap | wc -l

5. How many hosts with status up have no open ports

This challenge was more dififcult than the previous ones. It forced you to think outside of the box and to generate two separate grep commands followed by a manual substration for the total. This is because the standard output reflects two lines of the same host IP address, for every host with an open port..

A. Print out total lines with host 'up' (26054)

B. Scan for hosts open (25652)

C. Calculate A - B = 402

6. What's the greatest number of TCP ports that any one host has open?

grep -o -n "open" bigscan.gnmap | uniq -c | sort | tail -1

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